Weight Loss Mantra PLR


Weight Loss Mantra PLR you are our valuable customer and just for you, we have an additional sales package at incredibly affordable prices.

Without the lead magnet system and 3 special quick-action bonuses related to the weight loss mantra!

Weight Loss Mantra PLR

Relax and watch this short video …
People’s waist has never been bigger, and neither has the health and wellness industry.

weight loss industry 2019


Globally, there are over a billion overweight adults and at least 300 million of them are clinically obese.

Obesity rates have tripled or more since 1980 in some areas of North America, the United Kingdom, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, the Pacific Islands, Australia, Asia, and China.

The obesity rate is high enough for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to declare it as an INTERNATIONAL HEALTH CRISIS.

Weight Loss Mantra PLR
Obesity and overweight represent a significant risk for

diabetes type-2

Cardiovascular disease


Heart attack and stroke


Severe chronic diseases related to diet.

And many other dangerous diseases …

The health consequences range from an increased risk of premature death to serious chronic conditions that reduce the quality of life in general.

The pain of obesity has become the gain of the weight loss industry! weight management industry

Weight Loss Mantra PLR


According to research, sales of weight loss programs and products reached $ 60 billion last year, an increase of 9.5 percent over the previous year.

That number really underestimates the weight of the weight-loss business.

Literally, your HEALTH is your WEALTH!

weight loss industry revenue


And to increase your wealth through “health” …, we provide you with our impressive HD video course.

The mantra of weight loss with private label rights that will not only enrich you with a healthier

lifestyle but It will also raise your bank balance to a whole new level.

From choosing the right diet plans, proper training schedules,

The right way to exercise to set realistic goals and maintain patience and stay motivated during your weight loss journey … We’ve included everything.

Weight Loss Mantra PLR

You need or need to lose fat and get unlimited profits …

We are talking about VIDEOS: the best online medium to nurture your audience in the most effective and efficient way.

Get ready guys! We present a gold mine that is mature to collect …


The mantra of weight loss


HD VIDEO COURSE with private label rights!

weight lose industry facts

Explore the techniques shared in these tutorial videos and see which ones work best for your health and your business.

These videos are the best way to stop the whole process and to configure it properly in an optimal position to lose weight in the long term.

Make a smart decision and get your detract copy today.

This HD video course with PLR helps get back those who want a “quick fix” without teaching them any morbid eating and fitness tactics. weight loss industry worth

Get the most out of our video tutorials that are …

An integral resource to maximize your profits.

Easy to understand and implement with a step-by-step guide.

Single investment and consistent returns

Vital to attract users to your most valuable content

The easiest and fastest way to lose weight without friction

It is a door to multiple and powerful sources of income and you can turn it into your own personal ATM only in the next hour. Take your copy and prepare for high profits.

So what do you get in this offer?

Agni mantra weight loss

The basic package you bought recently offers you 7 main modules.

If you buy this Accelerator package.

We are offering 10 additional modules that will accelerate your sales and improve participation rates.

Take a look at the modules in the

Mantra PLR Accelerator Package for Weight Loss

Module # 1 (Value: $ 1320)
Training videos for the Upsell offer

mantra for weight loss success


These 15 high-quality videos contain excellent tips and techniques to accelerate your weight loss journey and reduce the time for profit.

Based on extensive research and advice from industry experts.

Created by professionals, we are sure to accelerate your additional sales numbers by what we will provide in these training videos.

Weight Loss Mantra PLR
See the customer training demonstration video here


Module # 2 (Value: $ 144)
Professional mini-site for additional sales


What else can you ask for? Yes, we have professionally designed the sales pages for you, even for your additional sales offer, only for use in your sales funnel.

You do not have to invest your time and energy in hiring professed or writing on your own. These templates are ready to use to improvise your additional sales.

weight lose mantra meditation
Module # 3 (Value: $ 480)
Wholesale Style Videos

We’ve also included modernized Doodle-style sales videos for your additional sales page that will generate traffic and further improve your sales conversions.

That is why we offer these videos as part of the additional sales offer to accelerate your sales to the next level.

See the customer sales demonstration video here

Module # 4 (Value: $ 48)
Upsell Mail Tracking

In this module, we provide you with professionally written email passes for the additional sales page that will substantially accelerate your sales and profits.

You can always choose any of them, insert it in your autoresponder, choose a subject line and send it to persuade more.

Module # 5 (Value: $ 360)
Professionally designed graphics for Upsell’s offer

We will also provide you with a complete set of professionally designed graphics to sell the product in the additional sales offer.

It will include the works of art necessary to sell the product and make it more convincing; You can edit these graphics at your convenience.

Therefore, we will provide the images in PSD and PNG format.

Module # 6 (Value: $ 516)
Professional copy of Upsell sales

This copy of the professionally created and highly convertible Upsell sales page can generate large sales as part of your sales boost for additional sales.

You will get all the marketing material so that your sales are channeled.

Module # 7 (Value: $ 360)
Expert presentation slides (PPT)

We will also share the presentation slides used in recording videos to be useful for your own webinars or seminars.

Module # 8 (Value: $ 720)
Files without video format

You will get access to the voiceover scripts without video format of the full training.

Source files come in multiple text outlay and with private label rights.

Module # 9 (Value: $ 960)
Sound files

You get access to the audio version of the video training so you can listen to them if you prefer.

You can use these audio source files as you wish.

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